Shenhua Blue and White Contest ended, and it will take a trick with the national football team on the 21st

Shenhua Blue and White Contest ended, and it will “take a trick” with the national football team on the 21st
Before the penalty shootout, goalkeeper Li Shuai (left) and Zeng Cheng shook hands.Photo / Osports This afternoon, the Shanghai Shenhua team competed in the third round of the “Blue and White Competition”.After a competition, the blue team defeated the white team 5-2.Since both sides achieved 1 win and 1 draw in the 3 rounds of the game, they finally won by penalty kick.After 11 rounds of competition, the blue team “winning” the white team 9-8, winning the championship.In the days when the Chinese Super League and the AFC Champions League were closed, Shenhua’s blue-and-white hegemony competition received great attention from fans.In the 3 games played in 8 minutes, there have indeed been too many players experiencing fatigue reactions, but the team’s gains have increased-predictably, after the Super League, AFC and other events restarted, the schedule will be intensive in the second half of the year and they will be in a training stateThe players can rediscover the game feeling after this.Li Shuai, who scored the winning goal for the blue team in the penalty shootout, bluntly said: “The effect of these three games is much better than our team’s training game. It has been broadcast and everyone’s awareness is not the same.”Although the start date of the league has not been determined, everyone is looking forward to the start of the league, and I believe that the team will reach a better state by then.”In addition to helping the players get back to the game, many of Shenhua ‘s young players also get the chance to compete with the first team. Head coach Cui Kangxi can test the newcomers through actual combat.Among them, the teenager Wang Haijian, who came to the team for training, He Longhai performed well.After Shenhua ‘s blue-and-white competition, other Chinese Super League teams may follow suit and adopt similar “training” measures.According to the plan, Shanghai Shenhua will play a warm-up match with the national team on the 21st of this month. Team coach Cui Kangxi has stated that he will compete with the national football team in the strongest ranking and best state.Sauna, Ye Xiao Zhou Xiao editor Xu Xiaofan proofread Li Ming