“Do not worry!I drink first……Think about the plan!After all, two patients,I have to think about who to save first!”

Fang Yu said calmly。
While waiting for Hujoer,Phone rings。
On the phone,It’s a cold voice。
“Which?Your father’s life,Hold it in my hand now……No cure for me,Twelve hours later,Inevitable poisonous death!”
“It’s you……You poisoned my father!”
Huqiaoer did not expect,The other party actually called,Courageous。
“I dare to call you,Sure to make you obedient。Will listen to my call to do it later……Prepare 10 million in cash!otherwise,Your father is not saved!”
Finished the call,Hung up。
Jiang Wan’er also received a call,The content is similar to what Huqiaoer just said。
“They just want money?”
They said deeply。
Fang Yu looked at them,Look indifferent,“Ten million is really nothing to you……But for the poisoned person,May be a huge sum of money!
But the problem is,According to my guess,They don’t have my shot,Can’t live for three hours!”
“what?Three hours……Three hours?”
Jiang Wan’er was very excited,Panicked eyes。