“You two are very good……but,Our shop is small,You can only choose one of the best。”

Chen Xiu put the plum bottle that he just picked up and put it on the table as he said,“You two, just palm your eyes,Look at the authenticity of this bottle!”
After Bai Yide and Hao Zhou both tested the plum bottle,,Hao Zhou pushed Bai Yide and said:“White brother,You come first。”
Chen Xiu’s assessment was made by the two at the same time,What I said later is naturally more profitable than what I said first,I can hear some opinions from the people in front that I could not consider,Obviously Hao Zhou is taking advantage。
Bai Yide is not afraid to suffer,Speak honestly:“The color of this plum bottle、The pictures and texts all look real,I have also encountered many such plum bottles in the original antique shop before,The feeling between the two is very consistent。
but,I think the question at the bottom of the bottle is a bit weird,It seems to be added again……”
Bai Yide hasn’t finished yet,Hao Zhou joked and said:“White brother,You talked for a long time,Still give a painful word,This antique is true or not.。”
Bai Yi got to shook his head,Honestly admit:“I’m so talented,Really can’t tell the truth。”
Chen Xiu nodded inwardly,Asked:“Since you can’t tell,In case a customer comes to the store with such a bottle,Do you accept or not?”
“This one……”Bai Yi had to think for a while before saying:“I don’t care about things,Naturally cannot harvest randomly,but,In case I miss you,It will also make the boss miss a chance to make a fortune……”
“Haha……Old white,Why are you hesitating?,A good word,Don’t be full of words,Said and did not say the same!”Hao Zhou laughed and said。
“In such cases,I will contact the boss,Let you come over。”
“Ask the boss about everything,What use is there for the boss to hire us with tens of thousands of yuan a month’s salary?!”Hao Zhou even laughed and said:“Fortunately, you are still decades old,This plum bottle is a newcomer who has been apprentice for several years and can tell at a glance that it is fake!Thank you for being there!
The funds are fake,What else to hesitate!
There is a fake thing about antiques, but they are all fake,Don’t you understand this basic rule?”
Bai Yide was so embarrassed by Hao Zhou that his face was blushing,But he has always been indisputable,But didn’t retort。