Li Xuan walked to the altar,Checked the altar,Basically ruined,Looks like we have to report to the palace。

“You gather the remaining people below,Come with me”
“Yes”Yuan Feng turned around to gather the rest,The remaining people die to death,Wounded wound,Blood and stumps everywhere,He Qi sad。
And the fuming who transformed below didn’t know。
Chapter Six:Mystery plan,Wrath of the Holy Spirit
Xiao Feiweng and Uncle Wang(Qi Wang)After a week, I finally came to the palace,This is still two people with all their strength,The whole hall exudes sacred light,Looks magnificent。
Uncle Wang looked at the hall in front of him,Reminiscence appeared in his eyes,The drawing and construction of the temple in front of me from the beginning was done by myself,I’ve been away for so long,Still the same。
“His Royal Highness the King of Qi,The Holy Spirit is already waiting inside,Let’s go in first”Xiao Feiweng reminded softly。
“it is good,I haven’t seen Master Shengshen for a long time”Uncle Wang tidyed up his clothes and hair。
Xiao Feiweng and Uncle Wang stepped up the stairs,Go up step by step,Go up,The stronger the psychological oppression。
About six minutes later,The two walked to the door of the hall“Xiao Feiweng,His Royal Highness Carrier King,Request to see Lord Holy Spirit”Xiao Feiweng knelt on one knee,Not speaking loudly,But also clear。
After five breaths,The door opens slowly,Xiao Feiweng slowly stood up and lowered his head and walked inside,Uncle Wang walked slowly inside in the same posture。