And Qing Yuanzi on the side also exhaled a cyan flame,Turn into two fire snakes to strangle the black figure!

Facing the strangulation of the cyan fire snake,The black figure sneered,Extend his right arm,Snapped。
A big hand covering the sky,Do not,It was a giant claw with thin wings that directly smashed the pair of Vulcans。
“Xiaoxiaohuixianxian,Dare to be presumptuous in front of me!”The black figure swells rapidly,It becomes a head full of height,A huge bat with amazing body and full of blood of sin。
Five people change color at the same time。
Because besides the violent mana on this huge bat,Still filled with a fairy spirit。
“Is a god?!”
The bat god sneered,Silent flap of huge wings,Appeared by Li Ming and others almost instantly。
“boom~”Li Mingbu’s formation was instantly torn,But Li Ming changed into a three-headed six-arm form almost instantly,Six arms slammed past。
Qing Yuanzi、Black-and-white and the other two Xuxu Sanxian also attacked。
What about gods?It’s not that I haven’t killed!
The Bat Tianxian didn’t expect these five Void Returning Immortals to launch a counterattack.,The five heavenly immortals’ attacks hit his body。
Gods are not gods,Even though the body is tempered by the tribulation,Far inferior,In an instant, the bat god’s chest was torn and a scar。
“what!”Bat Tianxian did not expect the opponent’s counterattack to be so sharp,Under anger and pain,Raising his head and bursting out invisible energy。
This sound wave energy vibrates,Insignificant,Ignore the defense of Li Ming’s invisible and invisible kamikaze,Infiltrate Li Ming’s body directly。