“Reincarnation???”Zhu Minglang sounds silly。

What is reincarnation!!
“There is still the possibility of further degradation。This ability is extremely special。Should be reincarnation,Soaring,Even if there is no Dragon Shepherd,It itself will continue to sting towards higher-level dragons over the long years.。”Mr. Koi said。
“Does Xiaobai really need no resources and training,Keep getting stronger,but,Will degenerate,This too……”Zhu Minglang said。
“Do you naively think,When you met Xiao Bai Qi,Hasn’t it experienced reincarnation?,I can tell you clearly,When the white dragon,Definitely not the first form of reincarnation。”Mr. Koi said。
Zhu Minglang opened his mouth,Some can’t believe it,But I don’t know what to say。
Start when I have a memory,Bai Canglong will be by his side,Was Xiao Bai still a young white dragon at that time,Even if there is no spiritual appointment,It has been living with itself,Grow together。
As for where did Xiao Bai come from?,And what was it before,Zhu Minglang really didn’t think about it。
Was it the first time I saw Xiaobai Qi?,It just went through a cycle,Incarnate as a white dragon?
White Canglong has a long life span,And its growth rate,It’s also slow because there is no spiritual covenant from the dragon shepherd,So I grew up with myself slowly?
“How did Xiaobai look like before?”Zhu Minglang can’t believe it。
“Only god knows this,Maybe the earliest time,It is a little ice worm,Is the smallest and humble creature in this world,Even a sparrow can eat it。”
“Experienced a reincarnation sting,It became butterfly spirit,Or Bai Jiaoling,Slowly leave the most insignificant level,But still stumbling to survive in this world of the weak and the strong。”
I wish Minglang tilted too far,Watching lying on my shoulders sleeping extremely peacefully,Xiao Bai who sleeps extremely peacefully,The heartstrings were all disturbed by a few words。
I meet Bai Qi,It’s the white dragon。
Before Bai Qi knew himself,How many times have you experienced this kind of reincarnation??
How it survived alone in this fierce and dangerous world?
To know when it degenerates,The weak may not even find a few full mulberry leaves。
As long as I don’t pay attention,It will even be taken away by some birds!
“This ability,Means any life yoke in this world、No bloodline level can restrain it,It will only become stronger again and again,Strong enough to surpass the Dragon King,Stronger than the ancestor,Strong enough to this ancient universe、The billions of galaxies will never find any creatures on top of it。”Mr. Koi said with excitement。