“Make sure there is money in the card?”
How can I be a good young man?,Still a college student,Why does this beautiful doctor have such a bad impression of herself?!
“alright,Stay here。A nurse will come and take you to the ward,Don’t crack the wound,Secondary trauma to the wound is not just a day of hospitalization。”
After the beautiful doctor who took me out,Chen Xiu said to the nurse who helped him:“You doctor is pretty,Why are you so unbelieving?!”
The nurse smiled and said:“Our doctor Miao Ting is cold and warm。Don’t look at her coldly,I am most enthusiastic about patients。”
“So her name is Miao Ting!Tingting Yuli,Good name!”
“Don’t call our Doctor Miao the right idea,The one chasing her has stepped up。Dr. Miao hates you the most,You have no play!”
Just like her name,Why did you say I chased her?,People nowadays are really impetuous!
“Nurse sister,You are very kind,What is your name?”
“Give me less idea,My child is almost as old as you!”
at this time。
Suddenly there was a sound of exclamation outside。