Branch to build a aggregate tax enterprise

In order to continue to promote the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", further deepen the results of the party history, November 11th, the first tax office of the Taxation Bureau of Jinghai District, Tianjin, the second tax office, the Jinghai Tax Office, three party branches and Tianjin Jinghai International Trade Logistics Park Management Committee branch conducts branch to build the theme party day activities, through the convening of "strengthening party building leading the optimization business environment" theme communication, asking the company asks questions.

Before the meeting, the Jinghai District Taxation Bureau combined the recent high-frequency hotspot problem, summarized the assembly of the tax cutting fee series and production of common business promotional manuals, issued to the participants.

At the meeting, the tax cadres first preached significant for small and medium-sized manufacturing, the development of the R & D fees and the new and old joints of the urban construction tax.

Later, the company representative, actively voiced, the representatives of ten enterprises in Shanghainese Pharmaceutical, Haixing Agricultural Products, said that the Jinghai District Taxation Bureau has always been grateful to the company’s concern and support for policy interpretation, discounts. The doubts existing in terms of system operations have been discussed. The tax cadres answer the various issues raised by the company’s representatives, and the registration of the problem that cannot be resolved in time is, and it will continue to follow up and respondent one by one. The theme party day activity thought that the taxpayer’s payment was practical, and the problem was to give the starting point and the foothold. He obtained the high affirmation of the taxpayer’s contributions, further improving the awareness and service awareness of the tax cadres.

Next, Jinghai District Taxation Bureau will continue to innovate grassroots party organization activities, explore grassroots party building new roads, and continue to strengthen tax enterprises in the party activities, and continue to promote tax enterprises, and optimize business environments. .

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