[Is the enzyme effective for hyperthyroidism]_Thyroid disease_Effect

[Is the enzyme effective for hyperthyroidism]_Thyroid disease_Effect

Many people usually have the habit of eating enzymes. Enzymes are actually an initialized digestive enzyme that can improve the metabolic function of the human body, prevent the occurrence of constipation or digestive disorders, and keep people’s digestive function normal.Generally there is no effect. If you have hyperthyroidism, you must always treat it in time, otherwise it will cause the disease to worsen and seriously affect your health.

First, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism have long been known.

Tired and weak, easy to be obese, eat more and lose weight, fear of heat and sweat, skin complications and low fever.

Crisis may include high fever, mental, nervous system nervousness, hyperactivity, nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, loss of thought, and memory loss.

Sometimes hallucinations may even manifest as submania or schizophrenia.

Even manifested as dumb depression, indifferent expression.

May also have hand, eyelid, tongue tremor and so on.


Cardiovascular system may have palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, severe cases with atrial fibrillation, enlarged heart and heart failure, increased systolic blood pressure, decreased diastolic blood pressure, and increased pulse pressure.


Women of the reproductive system often have reduced menstruation or amenorrhea, men with impotence, and occasionally male breast development.

Second, women suffering from hyperthyroidism have some kind of harm. The above are common symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is a more serious disease that can cause patients to coma.

If the rescue is not timely, the patient’s life may be threatened.

Treatment of hyperthyroidism must be timely in order to avoid a series of complications caused by the deterioration of the condition.

It is recommended to have a balanced diet and light nutrition.

Hyperthyroidism is hyperthyroidism, which is mainly a manifestation of exuberant metabolism, which can easily cause bad gastrointestinal symptoms. Due to changes in hormone levels during hyperthyroidism, the body’s metabolism accelerates, and peristalsis is promoted. It is easy to cause diarrhea, indigestion, and intestines.Hyperphonic performance.

In addition, thyroid hormone is one of the immeasurable hormones that maintain normal normal growth and development. In the first 6 months of pregnancy, the development of fetal brain structure mainly depends on the mother’s thyroid hormone.

How to effectively prevent exophthalmos?

Simply speaking, hyperthyroidism exophthalmia is the symptoms of exophthalmia in the eyes of patients with hyperthyroidism during treatment, which will affect the patient’s facial appearance and cause great harm to the patient’s health. No one wants to get hyperthyroidism exophthalmos, so how effectivePrevent hyperthyroidism and exophthalmos!

First of all, strengthen eye care: For those who cannot close the eyelids, they must protect the cornea and conjunctiva. Eyes are often spotted to prevent dryness, trauma and infection. Wear sunglasses or use eye masks to aim at strong light, sand and dust.

Do not stare upwards to avoid exacerbating eyeballs and inducing strabismus.

Second, guide the patients with hyperthyroid exophthalmia to alleviate the symptoms of the eye: the high pillow supine position and the restriction of sodium salt intake can alleviate post-ball edema and improve eye symptoms; daily eye movements can exercise the eye muscles and improve eye muscle function.
Third, regular corneal examinations at the ophthalmologist to prevent blindness caused by corneal ulcers.

Fourth, those with abnormal hyperthyroidism can use the prescription of our hospital, which can effectively reduce the pressure in the embryo.

If the expectant mother has hypothyroidism during pregnancy, it is likely to cause high blood pressure during pregnancy, anemia, poor fetal development, mental retardation of AIDS, and premature birth.