Youfang Technology: Dedicated to the development of the Internet of Things

Youfang Technology: Dedicated to the development of the Internet of Things

Key points of investment: The industry-leading IoT products focus on the core components of the communication module.

Committed to providing stable and reliable access communication products and services for the Internet of Things industry.

The company’s main business is the research and development, production and sales of IoT wireless communication modules, IoT wireless communication terminals and IoT wireless communication solutions.

One of the main products is the wireless communication module of the Internet of Things, which is the core component of the intelligent interconnection terminal product connection network, so that all types of intelligent interconnection terminal products have the ability to access the Internet of Things, so as to achieve remote monitoring, control, optimization and automatic operation.

It is in an advantageous position in the wireless communication module industry of the Internet of Things.

The wireless communication module is in a leading position in the field of smart grids. In 2009, the State Grid started “Strong Power Grid Construction” and began to promote large-scale smart grid investment in power consumption information collection systems including smart meters. The company achieved independent research and development in the same year.The wireless communication module calibrates smart meters, concentrators, collectors and special transformer terminals purchased by the State Grid for bidding and procurement, and has always been a leader in this field.

Wireless communication module products are also constantly being introduced in other application areas of the Internet of Things.

In 2016, the company’s wireless communication module products were integrated with the China Tower’s moving ring monitoring system project in large quantities and gained about 50% market share, and gained market share in the field of industrial Internet of Things.Supply; In 2018, the company’s 4G intelligent OBD products achieved mass sales in the overseas high-end connected car market.

Meet the challenges of cellular communication technology and discover a large number of customer needs and business opportunities.

Cellular communication technology is rapidly iterating. In the early stage of large-scale commercialization of 4G technology in 2015, the company took the lead in launching 4G full Netcom IoT wireless communication modules, and successfully seized commercial opportunities for industrial IoT such as China Tower’s moving ring monitoring system project. Total in 2016Sales of 4G products 133.

140,000, sales volume is in a leading position in the industry ranking.

The company’s industrialization projects of 5G wireless communication modules and 5G wireless communication terminal products are listed as investment projects to raise funds for this issuance, consolidating the industry’s dominant position.

Layout and build the comprehensive service capabilities of vertical applications of modules + terminals + solutions.

In 2019, the company provided a heating home improvement management system for Guizhou Gas, which mainly includes data communication terminals and a multi-functional Internet of Things management platform.

The project is generally under development and delivery is expected to begin in July 2019.

The company adopts the first set of listing standards (market value + net profit / revenue), and can use PE or PEG valuation.

The company’s revenue and net profit are growing rapidly, and the industry is in an outbreak period. PE or PEG estimation methods can be used. The stock benchmark companies include Rihai Intelligent, and it is moved to communications.

risk warning.

深圳桑拿网Product and technology updates are fast iterating, subcontracted processing, raw material procurement, and bad debt risk of receivables.