Xia Jian suddenly turned around,My days,I saw Wang Youcai looking at him with a smile,Behind him was a guy with a stronger body。

“You are a ghost!There is no movement at all?”Xia Jian said coldly。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“How to speak,Am i not a big man?I see you looking around,So I touched it quietly,Of course you don’t know”
“What are you doing??I heard you have cowhide now,He seems to be a boss!”Xia Jian has never had a good impression of this guy,This is in Pingdu,If it’s in Xiping Village,He doesn’t bother to talk to such people。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Kiss or not,Beautiful hometown water。Don’t mention the past,Now we are both working outside,Should unite a little,Don’t be jokes by outsiders”
“Ok!This is a human word,But I haven’t eaten yet,You walk slowly,I went to find a noodle restaurant”Xia Jian finished,Turn around and leave。
I didn’t expect Wang Youcai to grab Xia Jian,He laughed and said:“Stop eating noodles,I take you to a place,Eat and play。No delay at all”
Xia Jian pushed away Wang Youcai’s hand and said:“Not interested in,You should play by yourself!I went to eat noodles”
“how?Are you afraid that my king will have money??rest assured,Don’t watch me take a bodyguard,I won’t turn around and let him shoot。If you are a man,Go play with me tonight,Of course,You can say you are a woman”When Wang Youcai said this,,Raise the voice very high,All the people on the road are looking at them。
Xia Jianming knew that Wang Youcai was agitating him,But he changed his mind,This guy sticks to him,Is there something tricky?,He thought about it,How much did Wang Youbao get in?。
at this time,A medium build,The light-footed guy rushed over in two steps,He gave Wang Youcai the cigarette in his hand and said:“boss!Yours,I ran two streets before I bought it”
Wang Youcai took the cigarette,Chong Xia Jian show off:“Forgot to tell you,These two are my bodyguards,They are comrades in arms,This is called Tianwa,His name is Wu Wu,Not worse than yours,Have a chance to learn”
“how?If you do too much bad things, you will get two bodyguards if you are afraid of others?”Xia Jian said disdainfully。
I saw someone named Tian Wa,Suddenly step forward,He said to Xia Jian coldly:“Boss,Are you too cowhide,Not only domineering,And it hurts。If you disrespect our boss again,Be careful my fists don’t recognize people”
“Go aside!Here and there for you to speak”Wang Youcai shouted angrily,Pushing away Tian Wa standing in front of him,Had another Xia Jian。