Death dominator Lilith frowned,But quickly relieved。

“That little guy actually challenged the old guy Utrede,Based on my knowledge of him,I’m not so sure I won’t be so impulsive,Can he really stop WuXXof【Time and Space Disorder】?”Same as Augusta,Lilith, the lord of death, also had a little regret。
She has seen the terrible ruinous【Time and Space Disorder】Trick。In her opinion,One-to-one can resist this trick,Also Ov and Vivia, the master of life who has now broken through Dzogchen。And the latter’s breakthrough,But it’s still secret。
“Could it be that kid,A qualitative breakthrough in strength?Or,He also successfully studied the method of combining the talents and supernatural powers of the four gods?”
No matter how the powerful gods think and guess,Wright sits very calmly on a very huge,On the strange rock like a mountain,Straddling the void,Fly to the agreed challenge。
This is like the rock on the mountain peak is also quite strange,Seems to be in turbulent space,Countless pieces of destroyed objects gathered together。
As the top palace masters are fighting high-level artifacts falling into the void,Even countless destroyed space rings,The items inside fall into the void。
Afterwards was crushed by countless spatial turbulence,Form extremely tiny particles。
But this tiny particle,After the destruction of space turbulence,Instead, there is a chance to form some strange ores。
These ores themselves have been crushed and destroyed by spatial turbulence,Reunited,It is enough to resist the power of spatial turbulence。This kind of ore actually has a completely different material type.,But there is a unified name—Void Ore。
Even for the main god,This void ore is also an excellent material for refining the main artifact,The main artifact to the main god,It also takes hard work to nurture refining with the main divine power,Improve the material。If you use the void ore to refine the main artifact,Can reduce a long time。
But most of these ores are not too big,And this one under Wright’s ass,It’s over a hundred meters long—Wright felt it was a little waste to refine the main artifact—But this thing is not only used to refine the main artifact,Seems to have no other effect。
“But with such a huge ore,I imagined last time,Special artifacts created by combining magic array methods may be able to be made—Otherwise, just refine enough master artifacts,I’m afraid it will take tens of millions of years。”Wright said to himself,Then shook his head。
This knot and the magic circle create a special artifact,Is also a plan he envisioned over the years,But it’s just an idea。For Wright now,Defeat or draw against the master of destruction,Find a way to obtain the four magical beast talents and magical powers from him。
Wright didn’t wait long at the meeting place,He only waited three days,The first to arrive is the Thunder MasterXXX。
Just like Utreid’s battle of Ov,Let’s fight to destroy the master,It will also be very interesting to the master and the gods。
Although Wright’s strength is inferior to the destruction of the masters,But after all, it is absolutely above the rule of law。
Fifth day,The Dark Lord has also arrived,In the next three days,There are a total of eight masters and three middle-ranked masters who have arrived。