Wang Youcai listened,Can’t help being surprised。He seemed to have heard his mother Chen Yueqin say before,Said his eldest brother wants to marry Song Fang,He thought it was a joke,I didn’t expect this to become true。

In terms of appearance,Song Fang is really worthy of his eldest brother,But this woman is not easy,She was divorced twice,And in the same village。What makes Wang Youcai upset is,This Song Fang is thinking about Xia Jian,But Luohua intentionally,Ruthless。He wants to fix Xia Jian,I didn’t expect Chen Erniu to pick up a bargain。
But this woman doesn’t know what other means,He just squeezed into the Huaguan Electric Factory,And became a deputy factory。Fascinated his elder brother to the death,But this Song Fang one hundred people look down on Wang Youfa。Which tendon is wrong again,Why does this woman want to marry Wang Youfa at this time??
Wang Youcai’s heart,There were many question marks immediately。
Wang Degui Tieqing,Not say a word。He still knows a little bit about Song Fang,This woman from the south,Not only smart,And it has the means。Someone like his son Wang Youfa,Really not her opponent。
“Old village chief!I know you look down on me,Because i divorced twice。But I also want to understand recently,Wang Youfa is good to me,And the matter between him and Qin Shuifeng is over long ago,So I think it’s not wrong for me to marry him。He married me,Not only his blessing,It’s also a blessing to your old Wang family“Song Fang sitting on the sofa suddenly stood up and said loudly。
Wang Degui couldn’t help but frown,He said coldly:“You mean I have to thank you?“
“Thank you,Anyway, we will soon become a family“Song Fang said confidently。
Chen Yueqin on this marriage,Really a hundred unwilling。Wang Youfa mentioned it to her before,She refused。She knew,With a woman like Song Fang,She doesn’t like her son Wang Youfa at all。So she rejected Wang Youfa。
“You are talking,You married our family Wang Youfa, why did our family follow you?!“Chen Yueqin smiled,Asked quietly。
Song Fang came over,She said with a faint smile:“Wang Youfa needs a woman who can control him to control him,But i can do it,I let him go east and he dare not go west。And your old Wang family needs a capable woman like me to support this family“Song Fang is very confident。
Chen Yueqin’s face changed when she heard it,She sneered:“You were playing my idea?“
“Aunt!you think too much。What’s yours?Just a few houses??I, Song Fang, worked so hard all these years,I saved a lot of money anyway“When Song Fang said this,A domineering look。
Wang You violently stood up,He said loudly:“dad!mom!I won’t marry anyone except Song Fang in my life,If you don’t believe it, let’s just wait and see“Wang Youfa’s temper is coming up,Seems to be muddled again。
Wang Youcai saw that his eldest brother was the bastard who had eaten the weight,So he smiled and said to his father Wang Degui:“dad!This is my business,As long as he feels OK,Let’s support him“
Wang Degui let out a long breath,I closed my eyes in pain and said:“alright!Since you insist on doing this,I’ll follow you!But I said the ugly thing to the front,You can’t pay a penny for your marriage。And this house,I know it,He only has this one in Westinghouse“