“Second brother!You are too conservative。Ersao is a courageous person,A person of judgment。You shouldn’t say that to her,Should let her go in”Wang Youcai said disapprovingly。

Wang Youdao and Wang Youcai are a little bit shy about him,Immediately changed his face and said:“it is good!I can’t control your business,But i remind you,You must not drag your second wife into the water”
“What are you talking about?Why should I pull her into the water?Are you wrong, brother!I am running a private hospital alone,Never let other people participate,Even if the second sister-in-law wants to participate in shares with money, there is no way”Wang Youcai said it was on fire。
Wang Youdao,Then he said with a smile:“What do you mean by coming to my house?”
“I didn’t come to your house to borrow money,It’s not about buying Ersao。I just want to go through the procedures for opening a hospital. I don’t understand,I just want you to help”Wang Youcai’s true thoughts。
Wang Youdao just about to speak,I saw the bedroom door opened,Niu Huiling came out in a formal dress。Dress up this woman,Suddenly changed。This is the same as the image of her wearing pajamas just now,It’s really out of place。
“Rich!Ersao heard what you just said。Your second brother is a coward,I’m afraid what I’m doing will hurt him。So don’t care too much,I am an adult,What to do,What not to do,I know very well in my heart”Niu Huiling said,Wang Youdao gave a little angry white。
Wang Youdao glanced at Niu Huiling,Asked extremely angry:“What are you going to do?”
“I have a classmate,He was the deputy director of a private hospital in Yantan District,It should be okay for me to take a look at the situation!”Niu Huiling said,He gave Wang Youcai a wink。
Wang Youcai was overjoyed,Quickly stand up and say:“Troubled Ersao!Second brother, do you want to go together?”
“He won’t go,You know he cares about his tall image most”Niu Huiling said,A slightly ironic smile。
Wang Youdao glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“It’s okay to understand,As for whether it can be opened,You have to get my consent,Otherwise you don’t recognize my second brother”
“Good good!Second brother。You still don’t worry,I told you,Don’t even want to join me”Wang Youcai said,Strode out of Wang Youdao’s room。
Niu Huiling let Wang Youcai wait at the gate,She went to the underground parking garage to drive。About a few minutes,Niu Huiling drove to the gate。
Wang Youcai pulled the car door and sat in,Niu Huiling drove the car on the road with skill,Then let go and run。