Chapter Thirty Five God will inherit
About half an hour later,The intelligent life is about to fall asleep under the pressure of will,A little funny,But my heart trembles。
“This is the pinnacle race–Human super genius?Really scary,The race that the master belonged to before this genius can’t even think about it,The cosmic level can reach the ninth layer of their human transit bridge is already considered the most heaven-defying。。。And this will。。I applied a volitional shock to him http://www.025blog.cn in accordance with the standards of the domain master level 6,This highest level of will impact is the immortal level,He can resist without difficulty。”
“All right,You passed both stages of the test。”
Time and Space http://www.yblqianjia.cn Disorder Again,Li Ming found himself in front of a mountain。
The ability to transform time and space,It also quickly made Li Ming put away the little pride that grew after that test.。
Yes,I am strong,Very genius,There is no young genius in the human universe that can compare with himself。But if compared with those old strong,I am very immature。
“Set a small goal first,Master teleport first,Do not ask for thorough mastery‘Teleport’,But simply mastering the teleportation of dead objects can also increase my strength。”Li Ming was thinking so endlessly,I didn’t realize my small goal could anger a group of gods。
“Arrived!”Li Ming follows intelligent life on the rocky ground,Approaching this towering mountain。
This mountain,The breath lasts forever,That is far beyond what he has ever seen,All existences except the lord of dragon walking。
Side http://www.zldq888.cn of the mountain,There is a staircase winding up to the top of the mountain,But this staircase is surrounded by white clouds and it is not clear。Li Ming’s mental power swept away。。。
Frowned,His mental power seems to seep into a void without boundaries,Can’t scan anything,Have to observe with eyes。
“This structure is not the same as Shenwu Temple?”