They are still working hard1+1equal2The stage,People have already jumped to study four-digit multiplication and division。

Catch up?
How to chase this?
My family’s artificial intelligence based on classic electronic computers is still complacent about normal conversations with people,People’s artificial intelligence can already ask philosophical questions。This is no longer a problem that quantitative change can solve,But a qualitative leap,Or the leap of wisdom。
The world’s first artificial intelligence-based quantum computer has been born,And they are far behind。
Although he still doesn’t know exactly what this computer can do now,But he believes,An intelligent quantum computer will never find a new Mason constant every day。
Have to meet again,He wants to know what is going on in China,Let the domestic bigwigs who are still living in fantasy recognize the form clearly,Now his plan is the only plan that can save the entire Silicon Valley。
If his plan is unsuccessful,In the future, the entire Silicon Valley will only be allocated to Chinese people to work。
This is not alarmist,think about it,Now how many companies in China can survive by working in Silicon Valley.,Who has mastered the primary productivity,Whoever owns the pricing power is one of the objective laws of this world。
After all, if there is a choice,Who would use worse products and services?Bitch??
553 God like I want to go abroad
to be frank,Most of the big guys participating in the video conference are a little bit above。