The province’s epidemic prevention and control scheduling television conference

  On November 1st, the Provincial New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters held the province’s epidemic prevention and control dispatching TV conference, targeting the current domestic epidemic situation, comprehensively deploying prevention and control.

  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to comprehensively add a large data investigation, entrance management, community investigation, nucleic acid detection, "whistle" discovery, accommodation registration, personal report "7-in-one 1" investigation trigger mechanism; further strengthening to return to personally control, advocacy It is necessary to have no provincial, non-needless to gather; comprehensively strengthen the management of scenic spots control and tourism operations, from strict implementation of scenic spot epidemic prevention and control requirements; further standardize disinfection standards, comprehensively strengthen accurate disinfection work; further strengthen social surface control, and strict people Inter-intensive venues and key venues; the vaccination of 3 to 11-year-old population, accelerate vaccine to strengthen immunity, improve the coverage of all population; further strengthen the "five major channels" control, strictly prevent the entrance and abutment of foreign epidemic, resolutely consolidate and Expanding the failure of our province’s non-easy epidemic prevention and control, providing a good environment for the collection of major activities and the province’s economic and social development in the fourth quarter.

  Deputy Governor Chen Gongping attended the meeting and speaking.

(Reporter Wang Minna) +1.