3700 life and death, two points can not be big!

Why did you fall over? Questions and answer platform, there are many people who ask this question.

Obviously, many friends are expected to be expected to market, especially after the Economic Work Conference, it is expected that the economy will be good, and the stock market should naturally perform in advance. But I have to remind it that the stock market is the stock market after all, and he is running according to its own law.

The stock market must rash, and more and more stocks must be actively participated in the stock, but now, some must pay attention to changes. I. The agency’s front is shortened, I use "Bo Yu System" to quantify the transaction, observe the "institutional stock" data, more than 10 consecutive days, "institutional stock" (ie, 10 consecutive institutional agency active active) stocks more than 1,200 stocks, More than 1,600 "institutional stocks" have been significantly lower than last week, and there are also significantly declined. It is indicated that stocks that can be continued to be actively involved in institutional funds are decreasing, and the front of the organization is shortened. There are some stock prior to continuous organism funds, and now the agency funds are not active, and "institution stocks" disappeared. And these abandoned stocks are particularly careful. It is often seen in these stocks.

Just like, Sheng Road Communication, starting to volatile in mid-November, until now.

However, in the process of oscillating, "institutional stocks" continued to decrease, and finally disappeared, indicating that the oscillation of this location is not recognized, and then it will be broken.

And everyone’s own hand stocks have "institutional stocks" continued, directly to "Application Market", install a mobile phone application of a blog system, quantify, and see it at a glance. Second, the institution’s attack power is increased in the number of "institutional stocks", is it the organization’s funds left the market? Obviously, the current macro environment, economic environment determines that funds cannot leave the stock market, and they have left no local investment. Therefore, the front is shortened, but the attack power of the focus attack is definitely. Since the attack, there will be an action of preparation, so seriously pay attention to the stock of "institutional intensity" attacks. What is "institutional energy storage"? Open the "Boxing System", we will see that some stocks have no rise in a certain stage, even slightly falling, but in the "Bo Human System", Orange "Institutional Inventory" data on behalf of the agency However, there is a smooth or increased situation, that is, "institutional intensity".

The phenomenon of secondary intensive, everyone looks clear about two stocks.

For example, the far gas (002971) The stock November 9-17, November 22-29, the stock price is shock, "institutional stock" continues to increase, constitute "institutional intensity", and then the stock price is all After breaking through, the accumulated increase has reached 38%.

There is also a long history (300516), which is presented in the shares of the shares of the shares in the shares of the shares, and the institutional intensity is constituted. Then, a wave rose%, and the second wave rose 10%.

If you just look at the trend, before you have not broken, this stock is rising, choosing the direction, no one can guarantee that it must be upward.

But everyone directly went to the application market, find "Bo Yu System" mobile phone application, after installation, use "Bo Yu System" to quantify the transaction, at least clearly see that the attitude of the mechanism funds behind the oscillation, as long as the institution inventory, the institution is not Abandon, in this market, the result will not be poor.