A scientific research project of Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award

Award certificate.

The Propaganda Department of Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital is reported that the project has been studied for 20 years. It is precise to develop a series of pioneering studies in the current prostate hyperplasia. Innovation has carried out a series of pioneering research. The efficacy and diagnosis and treatment level of Chinese prostatic hyperplasia surgery. Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital is the third completion unit, and Professor Luo Guangheng, who is the third completion of the project, and the deputy director of Field is the seventh completion of the project.

"This is not easy for the Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital.

"The relevant person in charge of Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital said.

July 2009, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital explored the long-term new mechanisms of the cooperation between the East and Western China, signed a cooperation agreement, enabling the first medical post-visit mobile station in Guizhou Province to settle in Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital. This is marking the construction of the urinary science department of Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital and has been affirmed by domestic peers, but also provides a new way for the high-level talents in Guizhou Province. This kind of tight mutual help cooperation is "blood transfusion" is "hematopoietic", so that more Guizhou The people enjoy the latest and most advanced results of medical development, enjoy the health benefits of high-tech new technology.

Benefits from the implementation of the "Science and Technology Admission of Science and Technology, Talents, Talents" of Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital, Secretary of the Hospital Party Committee and Dean Liu Jian pays attention to the development of urology science, and the growth of urology is concerned, and many on-site office meetings will be held. Development barrier. At the same time, the hospital attaches great importance to the construction of talent team, supporting the bones of the discipline to go to the foreign Mayoy Medical Center, and the famous institutions such as Southern California University.

Ten years of grinding a sword, the postdoctoral mobile station has set up the express train developed by the Urology Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the construction has achieved fruitful results. A large number of bobes have grown their ability to grow in the mobile station. Open a horizon, improve positioning, and grow rapidly.

During the period, the urology department of Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital was promoted to 7 people, and the deputy high-employment is 5 people. Most of the postdoctoral bachelor have become the technical and management core of the department, and I have embarked on the stage of domestic and even international academics. In the latest 2020 scale (STEM) rankings, the 28th in the urinary sect of Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital is the 38th in the country. Under the leadership of Professor Sun Zhaolin and Professor Sun Fa in the two generations, the discipline is self-reliant, and the ceremonies are now complete, and the complete team of reconstruction, tumor, stones, male, urine control, ordinary urology, etc., in the province leading status. Minimally invasive surgery, targeted treatment, immunotherapy, scientific care, accelerated rehabilitation, genetic testing, and genetic counseling have accumulated rich experience in diagnosis and treatment, in troubled urinary tumors MDT, prostate cancer integrated management, kidney cancer combined cavity Virtue tumor, complex renal cancer kidney surgery, complex urinary fistula, complex urinary stones, huge peritoneal placeholders, bladder cancer + in situ bladder, adrenal AVS, Da Vinci robot auxiliary laparoscopic tumor minimally invasive treatment and acceleration Significant results in front of high-precision technologies such as rehabilitation. On the basis of postdoctoral mobile station, the urology department of Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital has been listed "The first batch of key disciplines in Guizhou Province" Guizhou Provincial Urinary Disease Clinical Research Center "" Central Support Provincial Key Discipline "" National Clinical Medical Center Provincial Sub-center "Guizhou Province Surgery Base", etc. The two places have colored cooperation to explore a new road to the poverty reduction, establish an example of the synergy development of the East and West. (Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital Propaganda Department).