Beijing: thermal stations started to flatten warming

  Butler Li Zhentao adjusting the heat in the thermal station apparatus. According to the weather forecast the city, weekend Beijing will usher in a windy cool weather, and may usher in the winter snow. To this end, the city on October 28 to begin heating system debugging. Reporters visited yesterday found that thermal stations, heating equipment has been put on a special "warm clothing", enter 24 hours in the post state, in response to the upcoming cold weather to prepare.

  Heating equipment custom field "warm clothing" 0900, Beijing can Group’s Beijing Heating Group Haidian Branch West Bali heating service center dispatch room, two staff members always pay attention to the data on the computer screen, monitoring the operation of the boiler . Boiler room downstairs, a heating boiler loud roar, "This kind of boiler, a total of two centers, because these days the daytime temperature is not low, so now only started one.

"A staff member told reporters, after the start command is received heating system debugging, West Bali heating boiler service center for two turns debugging, to ensure that devices are functioning smoothly.

"In addition that Taiwan not yet started the boiler can be started at any time, the latter as the temperature changes, we will adjust the temperature according to the schedule instruction group issued." The staff said.

  Heating service center not far from the West Balizhuang thermal stations, it covers an area of about 370 square meters, features six sets of heating equipment, is responsible for heating the surrounding 460,000 residents, including eight in the village in the north, waiting for Enji 4 district. Reporters noted that unlike previous thermal stations, where the heating equipment either plate heat exchanger or regulating valves are put on a white layer of "coat."

This white layer "coat" is the station where the device is tailored to warm heating means "plate heat exchanger and a valve metal material is also heat loss, then put holding device, slow cooling, as far as possible all heat is transmitted to the user’s home "According to the staff, this holding device is a cotton inner layer, outer layer is the cortex, the insulation effect; interface using the snap paste, easy to open for maintenance. Sorbitan plan a timely block welded ball long pot-shaped valve metal, an intermediate wide, slightly narrower ends, seemingly insignificant, but it can occur in the pipe leaks off quickly, effectively blocking the water loss, which is the year Haidian Branch emphasis replace welded ball valve installed.

  Cui Jingxin, the "emergence of a building such as heating is not, after investigation is the second pipeline front of the problems, needs repairs, welding ball in front of this building was shut off, equivalent to affect only this building, without affecting the other floor.

"Not only that, welded ball valve shutdown, residential buildings heating pipes in the water to stay in the pipeline, this time there were still some water temperature, while the repair of home residents will not be too cold," which is we strive to repair a shortest possible time, the minimum stop hot area, the impact on the residents down to a minimum.

"There are thing to find Heating Services Manager" Hello, you have just called to say a little home heating pipe leakage, you are now at home? We have a look all right? "I hung up the phone, heating housekeeper Li Zhentao gloves, shoe covers, repair tools Congcong Wang households go fight coming from the heating season, so back and forth between the user’s home and thermal stations, he does not know how many times a day. "because now is the period of the epidemic, we are all home maintenance requirements, completed the vaccine must be vaccinated once a week nucleic acid detection, when the door to the home, masks, shoe covers them less. "Li Zhentao said.

Heating season arrives, Li Zhentao room and board are in thermal stations, 24 hours a day call in the post, users will be able to find him. (Reporter Wang Tianqi) (Original title: Weekend welcome cooling or heating under snow Beijing is ready to begin the city’s thermal stations steady temperature).