Hundreds of good swords suddenly disappeared in the sword-making hall,Tianguan Zhu has always had doubts in his heart,How did Zhu Minglang take so many swords away,And what did you do?

Now he fully understands。
So Zhu Minglang still has such a dragon。
And the existence of this sword spirit dragon,Let Zhu Minglang’s once invincible sword repair not be completely abolished because of the practice of dragon shepherding.。
even,In the near future,Zhu Minglang may still rely on this situation,Beyond the realm that was difficult to touch as a mortal!
Such a wonderful scene,I wish Tianguan just saw。
Come early,It’s a coincidence。
All major forces are holding back the door,I want to take advantage of this competition,Suppress Zhumen and continue to expand beyond the imperial capital,Came up with this strategy,Integrate the competition into the big competition……
I thought I wish no one。
But I don’t know Zhu Minglang alone,Glory has overwhelmed most forces!
The major forces can be said to have lost their wives and broke down!
“Reincarnated from adversity,I deserve to be Zhu Tianguan’s son,When the mortal is dazzling,Become a Dragon Shepherd,Same radiance!”The smile on Zhu Tianguan’s face has not disappeared。