Ma Yan who is keeping accounts,She laughed softly:“If there are really big customers coming,This is the flower growing base,If you really want to negotiate。Then take it to our village committee in Xiping Village,Anyway, the guests don’t know“

“I don’t know if Zhao Hong is willing?I went to town for a meeting two days ago,I greet Zhao Hong,She not only ignores,Instead said something。You Zhang Yangcun can really do it,Not only robbed our village head,Also snatched Ma Yan away,Will we also move our village committee in two days?“When Ma Chuntao said this,,A look of helplessness。
Li Lanxiang laughed and said:“Come on!What people say is the truth,Why is our village so backward?。So we have to be thick-skinned,Otherwise she calls Ma Yan back,What can we do here?”
“Let you choose a few more educated young people from the village!It’s not done yet?”Xia Jian asked Ma Chuntao。
Ma Chuntao smiled and said:“The young people in the village are all out,I have asked my family to notify them,I believe I will be back during Chinese New Year,Let’s choose a few at that time”
Just when Xia Jianzheng and Ma Chuntao were talking about adding village officials to Zhang Yang Village,His phone rang。Xia Jian saw that this call was from Ma Xiaofeng,Connected immediately。
“Chief Xia!Hurry up to the town government,One hundred thousand urgent things”Ma Xiaofeng finished,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,He hung up the phone。
What happened again,Xia Jian reluctantly shook his head and said:“I have something to go to town,You guys need to work harder。Don’t neglect things in the greenhouse,The training must be trained,And this order,Principles must be followed at the beginning”
Xia Jian arranged,This is the village committee of Zhangyang Village,Drove to Pingyang Town。Xia Jian’s car is really cool,This is the entire Pingyang Town。And among all the cadres,Don’t talk about Pingyang Town,Not even the leaders in the city rush to work。
Xia Jian’s car drove into Pingyang Town,People on both sides of the street pointed to Xia Jian,From their faces,Most people appear to be extremely envious,But it’s hard to guarantee that someone might be scolding your mother right now。
Xia Jian parked the car,Just about to work,I met Ma Xiaofeng’s assistant, Xiao Liu。Xiao Liu told Xia Jian,Said Ma Xiaofeng returned to the dormitory。Xia Jian hesitated,And walked towards her dormitory。
Xia Jian has been here several times,So he is not unfamiliar。Ma Xiaofeng’s door is empty,Xia Jian pushed the door lightly and opened it。Ma Xiaofeng sitting on the sofa,Eyes closed,Feeling extremely tired。
“What’s wrong, Mayor Ma?Is it uncomfortable?”Xia Jian said softly and walked in。
Ma Xiaofeng opened his eyes,Said weakly:”Please sit down!Call you in such a hurry,Really sorry for you“When Ma Xiaofeng said this,,Put down the hand covering his face。Xia Jian has a look,Can’t help being surprised,Feng Ma Xiaofeng’s eyes are red and swollen,It’s like crying。
Xia Jian’s heart couldn’t help but shrink,He asked coldly:“What’s the matter?What’s the matter?Can you talk about it!”
“My husband hanged himself because he owed huge gambling money”Ma Xiaofeng said very calmly。
Xia Jian couldn’t help it:“what!”With a。Damn this guy,But anyway,They are a couple after all,And there is a daughter。