“I said we are all this old,Just get married,But Wang Youcai said he hadn’t had enough,He will play for a few more years,So don’t agree to marry me,If he doesn’t marry me,What to do when this child is born?In case you don’t care about me,I can only go to the police“Ni Xiaoli said,Take a peek at Chen Yueqin。

Chen Yueqin,Busy talking:“You are just looking for us,What police are you looking for?his dad,Since she is pregnant with our grandson,I think let this bastard marry her,He should take care of it,People in their early thirties,Still want to play?When you get old and want to get married,Can it be born?“
“Let me think about it,You know he is a donkey,If he doesn’t go home, we can’t do anything,So it’s getting late tonight,Let’s eat first,You live in our house after dinner。But then again,This is the condition of my house,In the whole Xiping Village,Can be considered poor,Let’s talk about marriage if you can accept it,Otherwise you will go back tomorrow morning!“Wang Degui lowered his voice,To Ni Xiaoli。
Ni Xiaoli nodded obediently,The hanging heart of her just let go。Before she came to Xiping Village today,Made a big fight inside,What if Wang Youcai’s parents don’t care about it??She can’t sue Wang Youcaiqiang.Rape it!This is not what she thought。
Chen Yueqin brought supper,Ni Xiaoli is delicious,Not a bit disgusting with rural life。This makes Chen Yueqin and Wang Degui feel happy,It seems that Ni Xiaoli is really the daughter-in-law of their old Wang family。
Finished eating,Ni Xiaoli is rushing to wash the dishes again,Why would Chen Yueqin let her do this??Of course,She’ll be polite,Make a woman like her,Don’t do much at home。
Chen Yueqin went to the kitchen,Ni Xiaoli obediently asked Wang Degui about some rural matters,Wang Degui smiled,Answering him,Two people talked more pleasantly。
Chen Yueqin cleaned up the kitchen,So I took Ni Xiaoli to the room where Xifang Wang Youcai often sleeps。The bedding on the kang are all ready-made,She just plugged in the electric blanket。After all, the weather in early spring,The night in the countryside is still a bit cold。
“You!She should change her new duvet cover and sheet“Wang Degui whispered to Chen Yueqin。
Chen Yueqin said slightly:“Don’t you know!I’m testing her,To marry,This is our condition。Can’t accept to leave,If she doesn’t dislike,Then she is really suitable to be the wife of our old Wang family“
“Ok!you’re right,Hurry up and plug in the door,Let’s take this together,Don’t let the people of Xiping Village know,Otherwise, there is really no place to put our old Wang’s face“Wang Degui said,Took a long breath。When the kid was young,But growing up, it still makes people worry。
Chen Yueqin returned to the hall,After closing the door tightly,He took a breath and said:“I think it’s so decided,Tomorrow call,Defraud you to come back first“
“I mean let the boss come back first,Then some of us settled this matter first,Let You Cai come back,If he disagrees,I can’t spare him this time“Wang Degui lowered his voice and said。
Chen Yueqin thought for a while and said:“This kid can’t be tough,He doesn’t eat this set at all,I think it’s better,Just say i’m sick,I pretended to be sick to force him to marry“
Wang Degui thought for a while and said:“I think it’s OK”