Xia Jianyi listen,Ran out of the bathroom,I saw Ma Chuntao, the head of Zhangyang Village, and Ma Yan walk in together,Haven’t seen this woman for a long time。I don’t know if Ma Chuntao cleaned up,Or her figure is getting better,Anyway, the first impression given to Xia Jian is that the front is convex,Exquisite,Eye-catching。

“Damn!stop looking,I haven’t seen it before”Ma Chuntao laughed,Throwing the present in Xia Jian’s hand。
Xia Jian just recovered,He laughed:“You are so early!I just woke up”
“Ha ha!You are all blessed,I go to Ma Yan’s house,She didn’t get up either”Ma Chuntao said,Take Ma Yan to Xia Jian’s upper room。
Ma Yan glanced at Xia Jian secretly,Deprecated:“You go in,I won’t go,New Year’s Day,I forgot to bring a gift”
“You can do it!You’re welcome!”Xia Jian said,Stretched out Ma Yan’s hand。Ma Yan smiled sweetly,So followed Ma Chuntao into Xia Jian’s main room。
Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu drinking tea in the house,Hurriedly greeted us from inside,Say hello to Ma Chuntao。Not waiting for Ma Chuntao to sit down,The sound of a motorcycle suddenly rang outside the gate。Xia Jian leaned out and took a look,Hurriedly greeted us。
It turned out to be Chen Xiaolan from Shuijing Village and Chen Haiping, the village head, on a motorcycle.。Chen Xiaolan seems to be a little fatter,Seems more mature。And Chen Haiping is a bit particular about dressing,The face seems to be the same。
“Damn!Happy new year!I didn’t expect you to come so early”Xia Jian laughed and greeted him,I took the gift that these two people hung on the motorcycle。
Chen Xiaolan looked at Xia Jian affectionately and said:“I’m afraid I won’t see you late”
Xia Zecheng is even more like a guest,He ran out of the house,Pushing Chen Haiping into the upper room。He laughed and said:“Cold outside,Talk to you in the house”
“It really is,It almost snowed”Chen Haiping laughed,Shook hands with Chen Zecheng。Rural people now,Life improved,Even civility and politeness are moving towards the people in the city,This is a good thing。
Inside the house when Chen Haiping and Chen Xiaolan left,The whole room immediately boiled。These people know each other。So everyone sit together,Have a common topic。
Ma Yan at this time,Play the role of the master。She made tea for these people before and after she ran,Hand melon seeds,Greeted everyone very thoughtfully。
Chen Erniu has seen Mingtang,He said with a smile:“Mayor Ma!I have never seen you so diligent in your home,You are…”
“To shut up!Be careful for a while without your share when eating”Ma Yan stared,Turned around and went into the kitchen to help Sun Yuejuan cook。
Ma Chuntao laughed,Lowered his voice and asked Chen Erniu:“what’s the situation?”
“No situation,What can happen”When Chen Erniu said this,Winked at Ma Chuntao。