And then Ouyangk seizes the opportunity,Take a look, you have to drive the dragon.,Although there is a young disciple,At this time, the sword will give the dragon god.,Want to fight for Master,But strength in front of the big snake,Ignore。

If you change,Ouyangk said that she is looking at the beautiful and beautiful,While staying、Tuning,Even the opportunity to take away,But now the extinction is behind,Ouyangk also can’t take care of these!
Seeing that the dragon god bored her long sword.,Take it forward,When you can bite this Emei disciple……
Just listen to a dramatic“Bird”Sound,But what is called not Xiaohong,And the Chu Deirers!
Constitation of the mausoleum,Chu Deirers also worried that the Emeisu’s coffin was damaged.,When I can’t explain Zhang Zhen people,So,The flying climbed on the top of the rock hole on the rock column,And fully made“Nine stuffy soul”。
This time, it is more than just the voice of passers-by.,Instead, it is practical to play the sound of sound aggression.!
Don’t see the usual Chu Deirers rarely attack directly.,Actually“Nine stuffy soul”middle,This includes ghost overgrown、Belly language, etc.。
Especially after the small red double repair,When using the flamingo, it is time to use this trick.,Although time has been、Vocal tape will fire,But there is also a more disturbed the effect of disturbing。
Chu Deirers at this time,that is“Moon”——Not a voice“Moon”,It is continuously moving tongue.!
Although not the direct attack-shaped sound of the lion,In an instant,Make the opponent’s hit,But there is no two thousand words,No matter which side,I feel the Chu Deirers“Moon”,As if“Moon”On the acupoints yourself。
Emei disciples slightly weak,I can’t help but get down.、Want to hold down in the body acupuncture“Pigeon”,Strong mountain、Yin Yin Wang,At this time, you have to slow down.,Serious successful confrontation!
at the same time? Chu Deirers also shot all four——Heavenly flowers!
Kung fu and technique,It is the Chu Deiren from《No trace》Middle school? Simulation of chaotic air simulation? As for the hidden,It is the Chu Deiren from the Child.“borrow”of。
Target is not a person? Which agency。
After all, Chu Deirers are not a lion.,Direct attacker is not strong? The agency will not be shocked? If people are being written by Chu Deirers“Moon”Soft hands soft feet? One organ is still put no matter,That is really a wave of perfect slices.……
At the same time, it will stop,Can be considered“Fight”。
Chu Deirers have exported to the five interests,There is only Murong nine and the flower? Can not change color? Don’t have to be too distracted on the surface——It’s just a little frowning.,It doesn’t affect him.,Instead, affecting Domposes and lotus、Two two maids followed。
It’s just that there is no shortage.,Chu Deirers this is to take a scene? This is nothing more about.,Just silently go to help two people。
As for extraordinary and extinction? Originally, there is also a chance to resist,After all, a wide range of sound work,It is definitely not a master of the same level.,Even the second level can also resist。
However, the extraordinary will,It has been weak,It’s just when I didn’t breathe.,Extinction is more,Directly 不 不,I haven’t mentioned it yet.……
As for the dragon god of Whiteche Villa?
This stuff is very fierce,There is no internal strength,Changed to a Chu Dee“Nine stuffy soul”,Also, I can’t get it.,But now……Bamboo voice,But restrained snake!
Chu Deirers called out,It is just a strengthening version of Xiaohong,The big snake is directly painful,Will you originally bite the Emei disciple,Hit aide。
After the end,Chu Deiren’s scorpion is already uncomfortable——Using a flamingo gas,Although the effect is strong,But also become more expensive,There is a hot feeling。
Fortunately, Chu Deirers like gold’s own ability,Also got a strengthening of ice,shut up、After removing the moist,It’s so comfortable.。
Emei disciple and good hands,At this time, I gradually gone.,See the Chu Deirers,It is only only the people of people.,Give yourself a chance。
When the Chu deer fell,Finally, everyone is very honest.,Chu Deiren nodded,Afterwards:“I can listen to me now.?These months,There are countless substantials in the rivers and lakes.、Treasure map pointing to Emei,I have a timely man in the morning, I have opened another side of the cave entrance.,True everyone to disturb the earnings of Emei……
Nothing to trigger the battle of the rivers and lakes,Also want to take the opportunity to fall into the Emei,I think,Everyone is azua to Emei.,Accompany you,After the speed is left!Division is too nor to be nominal,Chu Mou is a grand eye of the Emei.,Not afraid, what is the sword!”
Chu Deirers should understand this matter while,I don’t forget my irony.。
And the extinction has just been shocked by the extraordinary sword,After the Chu Deirers“Moon”The injury is aggravated,I heard him at this time.,It’s ugly from your face.:“you……”Speaking of the mouth and overflowing blood。
In fact, I have already seen it.,Why should the Emei disciples and agencies should not be Chu Tai and Nan Muro,The most embarrassment——Who let you come in??Trust?Can you come in??
However, the extinction has also overestimated its strength.,Also overestimated the strength of Emei……
Others listened to the Chu Deirers,It is one by one to take his steps.,One or long、Or directly kneel down,Even people who are evil,At this time, I also said that loving rhetoric。
Unhappy,Naturally there is natural,For example, it has just been revealed.。
But the extraordinary can always control at least,But someone has already hysterically,Tangmen disciple,There is no longer on the surface.,Can be in the heart——Tangchuan is not an important person in Tangmen,Tangmen did not have this kind of thing,Tangchuan is also here“personal behavior”。
And the reason why this is treasure map,It is a poisonous killing of a good brother who is going to be good.,This is coming!
Originally, there is so many Tibetan treasures.,Tangchuan mentality has already collapsed,And he wants him to see,This mentality is more collapsed——I am so deep with my brotherhood.,Can’t let him die!
I think about the extraordinary, I satiate the deer.“Anxious”,I also feel more in my heart.……Is there anything more suitable for Tibet??As long as you can expose treasures,Others will definitely fight again,Then there is still a chance to eat fish!