Just when Xia Jian was thinking about it,Gu Yue walked in,She glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“What’s wrong with Tong Juan?Why keep running to you?”

“What else?Let me ask about the pre-sale time of the first phase!”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Gu Yue frowned and said:“Good to ask about this,What do you think?What did you say to her?”
“There must be a problem,Just what kind of question,It’s hard to say for now,I’ll release the boat,Tell her yes6month18Pre-sale,The picture is auspicious”Xia Jian lowered his voice and said to Gu Yue。
Gu Yue nodded and said:“This woman someone told me,They have some intersections with Xu Yiming,If you contact this area,It seems that her problem is really big”
“I think so too,It’s just that I can’t provoke me,Let her perform!I’ll find her to settle the account“Xia Jian whispered to Gu Yue。
Gu Yue thought for a while and said:“Outreach work is also more important,I want Secretary Huang to prepare for this,Once I grasped Tong Juan’s handle,I’ll let her go right away,Secretary Huang will take over her position,Can you see this??“
“Ok!very good,Secretary Huang works calmly,And you are local,This is the most suitable thing。But you have to hire another clever girl to be your secret,Or maybe it’s better to be mature“Xia Jian smiled and suggested。
Gu Yue smiled and asked:“What kind of secretary is your original secretary??“
“It seems to be one or two years older than me!I learned a lot of things like her“Xia Jian is talking about Wang Lin,He couldn’t help but remember the good old days。
Gu Yue smiled and said:“Is she called Wang Lin?“
“How do you make peace?“Xia Jian asked in surprise。This woman is really a god,Even know this,Didn’t she send someone to investigate again?!
Gu Yue did not speak,But a smile,Turned and opened the door and left。Where is Xia Jian sitting,He really can’t remember,When did I mention Wang Lin in front of Gu Yue?。
In an upscale coffee shop,Xu Yiming and Tong Juan sat facing each other,What are they talking about in low voices?。Xu Yiming looked up and looked around,Then he lowered his voice and said:“You should be right at this time,It stands to reason that it won’t change anymore,I can only change back”