Short video and live broadcast make audiences to fully understand the Olympic athletes to let the Olympic spirit approach more people

The Tokyo Olympic Games came to an end, and the tenacious Chinese athletes interpret the Olympic spirit in the field and inspired hundreds of millions of people.

The Tokyo Olympic Games, China sent a delegation of 777 people, the size of the overseas participation and the number of small items were high, and in the number of participants or medals, China is already unclosed world sports big country. The "Olympic spirit" also implemented in the audience in a game, and the people showing the confidence in the process. The shake is aware of the "Olympic spirit" to build a bridge "Olympic spirit" propaganda inventory.

During this year’s Tokyo Olympics, in addition to the mainstream media promotion promotion "Olympic spirit" and Olympic athletes, the hanging and other Internet platforms are actively providing communication environments, which has produced positive roles to the Austrian spirit. As short video platforms such as shake, it goes into hundreds of millions of users, it is more convenient, and more interesting. The people will pick up their mobile phones in their leisure time, and take the "brush" news in short video platforms and other short video platforms, and become the main force of the Olympic athletes during the Tokyo Olympics. At the same time, in order to enhance the audience to improve the Olympic knowledge, promote the Olympic spirit and the Olympic athletes. Shakes the "champion" to "big V time" and other multi-file live broadcast.

The Olympic-related athletes launched 114 games, and the accumulated views exceeded 100 million. Olympic first gold winner Yang Qian, the Olympic Champion Zhang Changhong, etc. have opened a live broadcast, sharing the experience of fighting; before the Olympic champion Guo Jingjing, etc. also through live futures athletes; after returning to China, the Olympic athletes are separated by short video records … These short video and Live, not only motivated the audience, but also enables the audience to produce a strong national honor and national pride.

According to the official data of the shake: As of August 8, there were 178 people in the competition for the Supreme Olympics. Before and after the Olympics, the active and retired athletes have issued 3056 short video sharing the Olympic game viewpoint, explaining sports knowledge.

The total video has more than 11.4 billion times, and sports athletes interact with fans over 100 million times.

The Olympic athletes have enrolled the audience to understand the Olympics, so that the audience will see the stories behind them, knowing their pay and hard, and let the Olympic spirit "impressively" into more people. The Chinese audience that is no longer "only gold medal" is more confident and pure as the Tokyo Olympic Games, the media’s tracking report and the record of the shake and other platforms continue to show the "Olympic athletes". At this time, more and more people find that the audience has changed! The audience can give comfort and warmth for all athletes. They no longer value the losing wins in the competition, but the richness of the spiritual world brought about the spirit of the Olympic spirit.

Even if there is no medal, but the Olympic athletes struggle, and the effort to sweep the water is still moving.

They no longer only gold medal, but let sports really return to sports itself.

Accessories, understanding, support, audiences also grow up with athletes, and the power of the motherland has become the largest incense for each Chinese.

The Olympics is not just onlookers and refueling of athletes for the national honor, but also the enjoys of competition process and competitive charm, which has also become an important gain in the Olympic Games in this Olympics. The media and short video platforms are responsible for the mission of important responsibilities in the process – comprehensively spread the information about the Olympic athletes, so that the spirit of the Olympic Games approaches more people. Let the people enjoy the Olympic event, truly fall in sports, participate in the national fitness, which is also the meaning of building sports strong countries.