The Hubei Institute of Arts and Sciences, the Hubei Institute of Arts and Sciences, was officially put into operation.

Teaching data big screen (1) Realizing the real simulation of the full process of the media news production through the implementation of the media news production process virtual project, students can simulate the selection, planning, editing, production, review, and release of news products in real circumstances. , Monitoring, analysis of the complete process, experience the interaction between the production of the media, master the basic flow of the media news production, spread. (2) Cultivating the ability of students to integrate media news, through the setting of virtual simulation projects, students can simulate production broadcast, TV, news network, Weibo, WeChat, short video, etc. in full imitation, thus forming and Improve the news report capacity in the cultural instance of the students.

(3) Implementation of theory and practice, forming the development of students’ comprehensive skills through the virtual simulation project of the Media News Production Process, can prompt students to combine the theoretical knowledge of the school, achieve the combination of theory and practice, forming the production of students Comprehensive compilation skills, quickly adapt to the media environment that integrates the era. Lab Panorama Hubei Institute of Arts and Sciences is the earliest school, and the college has more than 60 years of school history. It is one of the first schools in schools, solid foundation, solid foundation and strong faculty. As a pioneer of the domestic top-level media solution providers, provincial media platform models, Beijing Dynasty, has been adhering to the spirit of innovation in more than ten years, and adhering to practical + easy-to-use product innovation concepts, leading product and model innovation , Service customers all over 31 provinces and municipal autonomous regions in the country, cover media, governments, colleges and military and other fields.

The two sides will work around the integration of media courses and virtual simulation courses, technical services, media big data, new media creations, employment internships, students’ practices, etc., and play the technical advantages of the college and the technical advantages of Beijing Dynasty. The School of Literature and Media has been established into a discipline of news and communication of talent application universities.

The two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation and jointly provide better practical platforms for students, and cultivate innovative, composite, application talents that meet the development of the times, and provide talent protection for mainstream media.