Renneucasian Lane, Ningxia: Relying on "Cloud" commanding the descending beach with sunshine driving development

Huawei smart photovoltaic technical expert Yan Jianfeng is introducing inverter. People’s Network Gaojia Weili "traditional inverter can only do power conversion, we pass digital, information technology, turn the inverter from the dumb equipment into the brain of the power station.

"Huawei intelligent photovoltaic technical expert Yan Jianfeng further explained that it can pass through the sensor to the cloud, and then make precise diagnosis and guidance for power station operation and maintenance through large data analysis and algorithm, so that refinement management. Staff Sitting in the office, you can see the power generation of each set of skewers, achieving intelligent operation and maintenance, greatly improving operation and maintenance efficiency.

Huawei smart photovoltaic solution, "wisdom" gives a new kinetic energy in the photovoltaic industry, but also increasing the masses by the photovoltaic industry, and embarked on the "Sunshine" Road.

Since 2015, Ningxia Wuzhong City Hongsibao District has raised fund billion, building Dongchuan Village, Hongde Village, Wu Sha Tang Village, 2015 Photovoltaic Poverty Project Power Station and "13th Five-Year" 39 village-level photovoltaic poverty power stations, general decoration machine Capacity kWh. In 2020, the total power generation is 1062 million yuan, all of which will be included in the village collective, which is used for small public welfare undertakings and development public welfare posts.

"Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Station Let the people ‘attention to the number of battles in the sun, and the Source of the Group’s collective economy and solve the source of public welfare undertakings.

"Lu Zhenzhong, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Huizhong City, said that the construction of photovoltaic poverty alleviation is one-time investment, so in the beginning of the construction of photovoltaic fortune, high standards, high-quality equipment and technology to ensure stability and long-term Sexual benefits, while minimizing repair costs.