China Donating South Sudan Education Technology Second Phase Item officially launched

Xinhua News Agency, Nairobi, December 6 (Reporter Li Huiling) Juba News: China Deliven South Sudan Education Technology Phase II Project launching ceremony 6th held in South Sudan, Juba. The South Sudan Vice President Abdulba said in the launching ceremony that the project will bring China’s advanced educational concept and valuable experience to South Sudan, providing strong support for the development of education planning such as the South Sudan to develop primary and secondary schools. Abdulbarga said that education is critical to the development of the country, even if the Southern Sudan government is facing a shortage of funds shortage, it has always placed educational innovation and development in the national strategy first. Aquier, the Minister of Basic Education and the Guiding Department of South Sudan, said that development education is the common desire of the South Sudan government and the people, and China’s long-term development in education has provided an example for South Sudan. Huan Ning, ambassador in South Sudan, said that China and South Sultan have been established in the past 10 years, China has always used education as a priority area of ??the exchange of cooperation between the two countries, and supports many primary and secondary schools. Thousands of professional talents in all areas of South Sudan have. Southern Sudan students provide Chinese scholarships in China. In recent years, the Military and Military Mathematics, Science and English Textbooks have brought to Juba, and nearly 150,000 Nansu Sudan will benefit, and more than 200 South Sudan teachers will travel to China.

Donating South Sudan Education Technology Assistance Project is my country’s first comprehensive education and foreign project, the second phase of the project will be launched in the construction of the Southern Sudan system construction, education personnel training, and both cultural exchanges.

The main content includes developing printing and providing primary school English, mathematics, science teaching materials and some middle school textbooks; training southern Sudan teachers and education management personnel; the development provides the use of assessment systems; dispatch 2 Chinese teachers to Professor Juba, Establish a Chinese language learning center; provide some teaching materials. The project implementation period is 3 years, and the organizers are Shanghai Education Press.