1 case of new local non-symptoms in Inner Mongolia cured 22 cases – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Xinhua Net Xinhua Net calls Hohhot November 10 (Reporter Wei Yu) reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Health and Health Committee that November 9th to 24, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reported no new coronary pneumonia confirmed cases and suspected cases. 1 case of new local sequential infection (in Alax Le Le Lele).

The new local confirmed cases were cured 22 patients (2 cases of Xilin Gol League, 2 cases of Alashan Jijiqi).

  The new local sequential infection is positive in the nucleic acid detection of the centralized isolation point in the year of the Nijaqi, and is positive.

There is no clinical symptom, and the results of CT examination have no abnormalities.

  As of 24:00, November 24, there were 7 cases of confirmed cases in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 62 cases of local confirmed cases (5 cases of Xilinol League, 1 case of Irshalo, Erdos, 56 cases of Alashan Legion 1 case of asymptomatic infection (in Alax Le Le Lee).

All cases were treated with fixed-point hospitals, and all close contacts were concentrated in medical observations in designated venues, and strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic.