Changan Village – Cao Village and Cao Village

Cao Village, Miyu Street, is a large village of six or thousand people. It is said that it is found to be built in Song, but it is possible to earnestly, because in the first year of the Tang Dynasty, it has been repaired from Nanshan to Beijing to transport charcoal. Cao The village is the south exit of the channel, so there is this village name. There are nine "Da Me" stone carvings in Chang’an District. Cao Village has two. According to the old man, there have been three, and then lost one, two existing, one in the village, a village.

"Da Shu" also known as "social master", it is rumored to be a hurt, the stone statue of the stone statue, the folk taste is very strong, and some people think it is a Ming Dynasty product, and there should be some cultural relics. Cao Village is warm and grateful. He collects persimmons, you must give you a pocket to let you take away; the women eat on the street, you take pictures, she will make a blame, I will eat it. Please eat. , That is very attractive, very cute.

Cao Village has a market. On Sunday, the market is full, if Cao Village has overlapped overlap the day and day around the surrounding days, people will catch the set of Cao Village, but coldly of other places.

Guanzhong people are stunned, completely not taking pictures, after taking it, I will also criticize: "You didn’t shoot it, I am better than the photo (see), you will take it!" But he put "Pose". The photo, you can’t see the natural vividness you have to shoot, but he is satisfied, "Hey, this is me!".