Anhui 3 counties (districts) elected new government "one hand"

Huang Wan Yong, male, born in November 1977, Han nationality, Anhui Wuhu, in December 1996, in September 1998, joined the Communist Party of China, Anhui Provincial Party School’s postgraduate postgraduate graduate graduate student, the party school graduate students. Wuhu Agricultural School Marketing Professional Student, a deputy secretary of the Hengshan Town, Hengshan Town, Hengshan County, the Secretary, the Secretary, the Qing Zhixian County Committee, Minister, Minister, the Qing Zhi, the deputy secretary of the Changchang County Committee (in the Anhui Provincial Party School Correspondence Correspondence School Economic Management Professional Learning ) The Secretary of the Communist Party of China (in the Central Party Correspondence School of the College Correspondence School of the School of Bask " At the party school of Anhui Provincial Party School, the party committee secretary of Pingtou Town, Hezhou, the party secretary of the Pingtou Town, the province, the President of the Human Congress, the President of the People’s Congress, the president of the Social Work Department (Director of the County Letters and Calls Bureau), Ping Town Party Committee Secretary, Chairman of the People’s Congress, the Organization Department of the Ministry of Organization, the Ministry of Cord, the public, the public committee of the Municipal Committee of the Commission, the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Organization Department, the Ministry of Education, the public, the public, the public committee, the public committee, Municipal Party Committee Organizational Department organized a departmental head Wuhu City Investment Promotion Bureau (Economic Association) deputy director (deputy director), member of the party group member, member of the party group, deputy director (here]: ) Deputy Secretary of the River River District, Candidate of the District Government Region, the Party Committee of the Jiangbei Xinxing Industry, the Deputy Director of the Management Committee (and) Deputy Secretary, District Government Party Secretary, and Director of the District Government , Jiangbei Xinxing Industry Central Party Working Committee Committee, Deputy Director of the Management Committee (and) Deputy Secretary of the River Economic Zone, July 9, July 9, the sixth meeting of the 17th People’s Congress of Shou County The second conference and the closing ceremony was held in Spring Grand Theater. Comrade Sun Cage Zhi Zhiji is the county magistrate of the county people’s government.