“Do not be impatient,Wait for the old man to catch his breath,Break through these two formations,You can concentrate on dealing with the eight-sided purple gold mace。”The devil speaks,Bian struggled to pull out the left shoulder buried deep in the ground,But his eyes are carefully observing the golden mace like a huge pillar,The golden mace that appears to be broken is actually connected by a formation,And the base of the body,The location connected to the temple above actually hides a sky-shaking rune,Can’t help but frown。

This sky shaking rune is extremely rare,But not from the gods,But from the Fire Cloud Palace in the fairy world,Also known as slashing rune,The soul who specializes in killing great gods,Extremely domineering,I don’t know where the goddess Luoying got her hands,Hidden in the root of the purple mace,Before the grip,It matches the pattern on the handle,Hard to tell,If it weren’t for it just used supernatural powers to watch,Pan Mang must suffer a big loss,Any brute force to destroy the purple gold mace will inspire that rune,At least he will kill Pan Mang for half his life。
“So best,Dao friends, don’t forget the agreement between you and me。”Pan Mang’s voice came from below the ground,Roar,Like a group of giant beasts crawling through the soil。
‘Demon Lord’Oral acceptance,But he turned his gaze to the small formation that was shattered by himself,At this moment, still stubbornly strikes lightning at his body,This formation is combined with the slightly larger lock heart formation next to it,In fact, it is to reinforce the suppression of Panmang,Only incidental attack on the devil,Very limited lethality,The devil simply ignores,Shoulder shake,The underground palace finally began to collapse on a large scale,Only the octagonal star station is relatively intact。
Underground palace exit,Under the huge nostril cave,Golden light,Li Xiucheng staggered to stabilize his figure,A trick for a little clone,Can escape from danger,But at the moment I dare not care,As the ghost army takes shape,quickly,The whole Wuming Mountain will become a black world。
Li Xiucheng feels complicated,Goodbye Li Tianzhen is a little hard to face,But at this moment, both mental strength and vitality are recovering very slowly,I can’t stop the demon king,But these mortals in the valley,He can still help as much as possible,If the speed is fast enough,Can make time to use the assassin to kill the devil。
The instructor in the sprint has no distraction,But I don’t know when there is a boom、boom、Booming rhythmic sound,Extremely neat,The earth trembles,It seems that the phalanx of ten thousand people is marching at a step,Further forward,Louder,As if the whole world only has this monotonous stepping sound。
Think of the ghost army that Li Tianzhen once said,The instructor suddenly changed color,Suddenly found that the light in the canyon dimmed rapidly,A black mist appeared in front,At first it was faint,But it quickly became very rich,Ying Ying Chuo Chuo can see neat rows of black boulders,Humanoid,Can actually step,He secretly said that he was in trouble,The army blocked the way,How to start***?
And on the other side of the valley,Li Shaobo and the special forces behind him encountered the same problem,Everyone is horrified,The body suddenly became very heavy,It’s also extremely difficult,As if the ground under your feet suddenly became a magnet。
The army burst out of the fog,Exposed a very rough black rocky body,Every rock looks like a human,But only the trunk and limbs,The head is not on the neck,But was held in front of the chest by both arms,Unspeakable weird,The uniform pace is like mountains and seas,Give people a strong sense of oppression。
Li Shaobo and others have seen such an amazing scene for the first time,At a loss,in fact,It is difficult to move even if there is a reaction,Increasing pressure,It is difficult for ordinary people to live。
Seeing the army crushed over,Seems to step on their bodies to pass,Li Shaobo is not a man of resignation,In a hurry,Continuous shooting,The players around me followed suit,The sound of ping-pong-pong guns was quickly overwhelmed by step points,There are not many ripples at all。
But something more terrifying happened,The shot black rock exudes a strange liquid,Dripping on the ground,They immediately pressed their heads on their chests to their necks,Then beat、Torso,The torn stones are glued with the liquid,Turned into an axe in an instant、Broadsword、Cold weapons such as swords,The black rock undead raise their weapons,Shouting silently and rushing forward,That kind of weird and terrifying scene,Li Shaobo remembers clearly after many years。
Just when life was hanging by a thread,Li Shaobo finally saw the big killer that appeared repeatedly at the scene of Xinglongshan Mental Hospital,The leaf knife touted as a high-tech weapon by Gu Changfeng,Flying like a small green flying saucer in the sky,Buzzing roar,The undead who rushed along the black rock swept past,Pieces of black rock undead cut into gravel,Sand and rocks all over the sky for a while,dusty,Mixed with strange liquid splashing out,Extremely pickled。
Leaf knives are like flying around,Repeatedly impact the undead army,Several back and forth,That shocking marching point disappeared,Buzz,Ye Dao goes away,Only the valleys obscured by thick smoke and dust are left。
at the same time,A loud noise came from the other side of the valley,A gorgeous colored light curtain soars into the sky,From a distance, it looks like a phoenix fluttering down in the colorful colors,Extremely eye-catching,That is Li Xiucheng,He has nothing to do,I had to fight my life,Urged‘Seal of God’s Punishment’,Under one print,Directly bury the undead army rushing towards the instructor in the valley。
The instructor looked at the collapsed valley a little confused,It took a while to react,Yelled at the sky immediately,“Walker,come out,You know what you are doing?”
“Do what you should do,Are you trying to blow up the devil??Then hurry up!”
Li Tianzhen’s voice is obviously insufficient,And very stiff and indifferent,The instructor can’t even touch his head.,Watching the collapsed valley,Can’t help but get angry,“You didn’t agree to bomb the underground palace,You are the one who releases the devil,Now yelling to blow up the devil,What do you want to do?”
“No time to explain,If you don’t want the demon to come out,So quickly blow it up!”Li Xiucheng is also angry,He hates to explain to Fansheng endlessly,Body shape jumped high in the sky,It just so happens that two lights, one green and one white, are flying from a distance,It is the three-eyed green toad and Jia Chou,Li Xiucheng originally asked them to avoid disaster,After escaping from the underground palace, he suddenly found the instructor and his group,Thinking that it’s hard to face Li Tianzhen,I had to recall the two。