The place where Huang Zhiming took Chen Xiu is the most prosperous area in Qingfeng Town at night——Fengyue Street, known as the Silver Land of Yingjin Cave。
Fengyue Street is so prosperous,Because here are the two largest Jiyuan in Jinling——“Tianxianglou”versus“Plum garden”These two Jiyuan attracted most of the rich, gentry and powerful in the town,Naturally attracts many foreign businessmen。
Every three years“Tianxianglou”versus“Plum garden”There will be a big oiran contest,Take turns as the host,To attract more people and increase visibility。
In previous years, the oirans of the two Jiyuan were elected in turn,Same reputation。
Just from six years,Meiyuan has a stunning beauty,Oiran who won twice in a row,For a time Meiyuan rose to fame,There is a posture of pressing Tianxiang Tower out of breath。
Fortunately, this stunning beauty is also thirty-two this year,Upgraded to be the old man of MeiyuaniBustard,Finally won’t participate in the third Oiran selection,Finally let the owner of Tianxianglou breathe a sigh of relief。
Chen Xiu followed Huang Zhiming to Fengyue Street,I just think the surrounding scenery is very familiar。
When I came outside the plum garden,Chen Xiu finally remembered that this is the yard where he and Xing Dao met the undercover today!
“punishment……Brother Xing,Is not here……”
The torturer nodded,Let him not talk too much,Lest you show your feet。
Huang Zhiming sees Chen Xiu revisiting the same place,Asked:“Expert,You’ve been to plum garden?”
“Don’t be a master,Call me Chen Dao。”