“Qing Zhuo,on!”

Zhu Minglang just hide behind,Even when surrounded by a group of people,As a Dragon Shepherd,He can still peel the orange,Fight with these people。
Zuo Canglong,Right Shenglong,There is a sword spirit dragon in the middle!
There are real gods,The sword spirit dragon takes a long shot,Make sure there are no enemies within ten meters of Zhu Minglang,Doesn’t affect Zhu Minglang to eat oranges。
First256chapter Bronze Sword Army
Small broken house。
Hao Ye is practicing fine swords diligently,I inadvertently trimmed the weeds and weeds in the entire ruined house.。
“Little Master this way,Really effective,I feel my sword is lighter,More in control。”Haoye brought a big broom,Clean up the grass clippings all over the ground。
At this moment,A person came in front of the house,Graceful,Green silk dancing。
Hao Ye hurriedly bowed,Open road:“Little Master asked me to tell you,He went to check the situation in the city,If the girl wakes up……”
“Who is Xiaoshushu,who are you?”Gigi Lai asked。
who are you??
The broom in Haoye’s hand fell heavily on the ground,I don’t know why I can’t hold it firmly!
One month!!
I have been in the same team with them for a whole month!