Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“You put your ID here,After that, I will arrange for someone to sign up for you a driving school,You’ll find me when you get the driver’s license”

Renan was overjoyed,He quickly took out his ID card from his pocket and gave it to Xia Jian with both hands。Xia Jian took a look and gave it to Dragon Ball。
“You can arrange this,The cost is deducted from my salary。Go to our manager Long if you have anything,Come see me after you get the driver’s license”
Xia Jian said and waved his hand。Le Nan quickly bowed to Xia Jian,Then he followed Dragon Ball downstairs。
Watching the child’s vigorous pace,Xia Jian suddenly felt an unspeakable feeling in his heart。He thinks he should have done this right。
Go back to Xiao Xiao’s bedroom, turn on the computer and take a lookQQAnd mailbox,Found no news。Xia Jian carried the small bag on his back,Hurrying downstairs。
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Xia Jian went straight to the basement,Which Bao Shijie drove,Jupengquanzhuang。He felt that he should see Zhang Tengli again,Maybe he will have any new news。
Driving out of the city,The human spirit is lifted。fresh air,And yellow leaves hanging on the branches,And that gradually receding into the green mountains,Makes Xia Jian feel,All this is brand new,All just happened。
Bao Shijie got into which grove very gently,It gives people a sense of trance to another world。Xia Jian drove the car very slowly。
He feels,His co-driver seemed to be sitting alone,This person is like Xiao Xiao when he first met。arrogant,Cruel,But without losing beauty。
Bao Shijie got out of the woods,Cool breeze blowing on your face,Xia Jian is refreshed,Jupeng Quanzhuang is right in front of you。Suddenly,Xia Jian thinks the people who founded the villa are really smart。Just when he was feeling,Suddenly he noticed that someone was waving at him at the gate of Jupeng Quanzhuang。
Wait for the car to approach,Xia Jiancai saw Zhang Teng who beckoned him in the Qing Dynasty。I saw a telescope hanging around his neck,No wonder he can see it so far。
Xia Jian still parked the car in the backyard of Jupeng Quanzhuang,Then I got off the station and waited for Zhang Teng to come。Not long,Zhang Teng just came over with a smile。
“You won’t come,I’m going to call you”