Wright and Cecilia went from the Sunset Mountains to the hot desert,From west to east,From the westernmost side of the hot desert,And the southernmost point of the Far East Prairie,Nature is on the east side of the hot desert。

Span most of the hot desert,Maybe even a ninth-level fighter can hardly move forward alone,But Wright and Cecilia flew easily and found the oasis back then。
“What a nice view!”Cecilia saw this oasis,I couldn’t help showing a little surprise on my face。
The two were just lurking on the periphery of this oasis,Wright didn’t even enter,It can only be seen that this is a relatively large oasis with lush vegetation。
But now they are floating in the air and looking down,But it is indeed a beautiful view。
A sip of spring water reflects a bright light,The lush meadows and trees dot the desert,The ruins of the fortress that year,The green moss and enchanting vines almost cover up the ruins,Only show a little mottled mark。
And in the center of the oasis,There is mist gathering,More mysterious。
And in the green vegetation,Various flowers scattered,Many of them are flowers and fruits that are of great medicinal value and can even be regarded as treasures.。
Chapter 24 Terrible Plants
So many exotic fruits,Wright was a little surprised,Although the value of these exotic flowers is nothing to him today,But can grow so many treasures,This place is definitely not easy。
Soul power swept,Wright’s face changed。
“Be careful,Leah!”
“Ok~”Cecilia hasn’t reacted yet,I only saw one flying out of the oasis‘vine’,It really seems to be an ordinary vine,Green color,But it’s half a meter thick,Hundreds of meters long,The vine flicked,Produce invisible fluctuations in the air。