“As for the location, I don’t tell you.,After all, you already have inheritance.,If I pass it to your master’s internal strength method,You have learned to return to Zongmen,That’s nothing to you。”

“The reason why you learn to learn,Mainly your potential is huge,I feel that it can carry forward,If one day we ginger, there is no protection of the martial art.,At least you should not meet,So this is my private heart.。”
Jiang Taiyi, let Li Hui Feng are also surprised.。
Before ginger is told him, he told him a lot of things.,But about the master,He is really aware of these rivers and lakes.。
Now I heard Jiang Tan is still a person in the martial art.,And the ginger is actually the existence of the martial art.。
For a time, he is also a little curious.。
“Grandfather,That Magical Li Jia,Jiang’s family also has a martial art?”
“All,However, there should be no need to worry about Jiangjia.,They are the dog’s walking dog,Can’t play big waves,Otherwise, you have killed Jiang invincible for so long, no one is coming to find you trouble.,I can understand what。”
“Because the door behind Jiang’s house is not intended,The most crucial thing is,There should be no congenital level in the martial art behind Jiang Jia.。”
Li Hui Ran once again heard Jiang Taiyi mentioned the same day,Don’t feel this time, you must ask.。
Chapter 1222 Open new world
“Grandfather,What is your innate??
Is there any obvious way to distinguish between ordinary people??”
“This is not,But during the day, you can live more than one hundred years.!If there is a treasure,It should be able to live for two hundred years。”
This is the words of Jiang Taiyi,Li Hui is believed,Because he is very understanding now,That is, the body’s impurities can be said to be less and less.。
Now just practice the spiritual power of condensed Dantian, there will be impurities,Otherwise, the metabolism is completely negligible.。
“That is too powerful?
What is the congenital combat method??”
“Forehead,Are you not already a day??
Do you ask me that I don’t feel wrong??”
If it is not Li Hui’s face, he is serious.,Jiang Taiyi felt that Li Hui Feng was teasing him.。
“I don’t know if it is congenital.,I just can form a layer of protective cover in my meat.,Other no abnormalities have been found!”
Mention this,Li Hui Feng is also a bit not understanding。
Some of the previous speech he heard before,It is all in the sea to reach the sea.,But it is obvious that he can’t do it.。
“Haha, this should be the initial period.,In the middle of the day, I heard that I can draw some characters.,Can even quote the strength of the world to detonate,As for the congenital periodic, some skilled,But I have not seen it.。”
Think here,Ginger is a bright eye。
“We have a congenital practice in our martial art,Similarly, there is congenital mannequin,How to use,I have no idea,But I feel useful to you.。”
Put in this way,Jiang Taiyi is a difficult foot。
“Xiao Li,We need to join us to go in.,And if you join in need to experience a lot of hardships,But then the first day and practical method and the letter, I heard that just learn.,Can see this person’s skill directly,Can see the three souls of this person,I can even live and die。”
“Of course, I also heard,After all, I didn’t reach that realm.。”
That’s more by ginger.,Li Hui suddenly thought of the things of the second floor of the eight treasures of the eight treasures.。
Looking at people’s meal, he doesn’t know,But it is indeed a weak life.。
“Hey-hey,Grandpa Jiang, you don’t have to say this.,Some things are strong,I am fine, I am fine.,You will tell me now, where is the girlfriend?。”
“Hahaha, your girlfriend can be very,Which one do you want to say??”
Too much to be turned into ginger.,Li Hui Feng is also sorry.。
After all, my girlfriend,He didn’t think of it.。
“Just from me, go to the one。”
“I really don’t know this.,I first because I went to her position.,Then pumped me a year of Yangshou,Later, the other party may have been perceived.,So I blocked some things about her identity.,I can’t find it.。”
Li Hui Feng was originally confident,But he heard that Jiang Taiyi suddenly he didn’t want to follow each other.。