Anyone in the world,I hope others say he is good,So is Wang Youcai。When the villagers said how good Yao Chunni is,His heart is sweeter than honey。

Bumps in the car,Around noon,The car only entered a small village of five or six families。Although people can feel the atmosphere of the New Year,But the poverty here can be seen at a glance。
The house is almost entirely made of adobe,And there are not many new houses。What makes Wang Youcai strange is,They didn’t see a few cars along the way,I saw a lot of motorcycles。
Yao Chunni’s family lives in the middle of the village,A row of adobe tiles,It’s the red couplet on the door frame,Makes people feel the breath of the new year。
Yao Chunni’s brother-in-law suddenly came when she saw Yao Chunni,They opened their eyes wide in surprise。Yao Chunni is sensible,She got on Zhuxiang first,Then kowtow to burn paper money,I couldn’t help but tears came down。
Yao Chunni’s brother-in-law are honest people,They don’t know what to say。It’s Yao Chunni’s two little nephews,As soon as they saw a guest coming from home,Happily running around,But the child doesn’t know,This person is their aunt。
Poverty limits people’s thinking。Yao Chunni’s brother-in-law not only persuaded Wang Youcai to smoke,,Just to persuade him to drink water。quickly,Under Yao Chunni’s Zhang Luo,She and sister-in-law went to cook。
“You came by car?”This is the longest sentence from Yao Chunni’s brother to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“Correct!It won’t work if you don’t drive this far。Chunni is back this time,Want to leave relatives,Look at which ones you go?”
“Oh!No need to go for the New Year。Come visit us,It’s not easy,I think that we should give up!”Talk about it,Yao Chunni’s brother can still speak。
He also has his own set of opinions,In short, it’s a good idea,Make Wang Youcai look at him a bit,The more the two talk, the more speculation。
Lunch is relatively simple,Yao Chunni made noodles by herself。Maybe it’s Xia Jianlai,The cooking is pretty good。
Had lunch,Under Yao Chunni’s repeated requests,Her brother took her to a few uncles’ houses。Wang Youcai is sleeping on the kang,He did not go。
Three o’clock in the afternoon,Under Wang Youcai’s urging,Yao Chunni bid farewell to her tearful brother-in-law。Parting,Wang Youcai can’t bear it,Gave Yao Chunni her brother all the only one thousand dollars in her pocket。This upright man,Don’t live or die。