And Di Road is directly sent people to catch up.。

At the same time, let people excavate。
“Li brothers,You go to the iron,You can know who let them make things in my hotel.?”
Zheng Tiancheng is exported,Let Li Hui’s hard laughs,Because he forgot this。
“Hey-hey,Brothers,This really forgot to ask,However, I think very fast Ding big brother can be tried.,But before this,I feel that we need to do something。”
I immediately discussed Zheng Tiancheng with Zheng Tiancheng.。
Zheng Tiancheng also took Li Hui to find Cheng Chu。
I heard the plan of Li Hui and Zheng Tiancheng.,Cheng Chu is hesitant。
It is too much bigger what you must say.,Major let him make a decision,Because of a bad heart,His family is going in。
“You determine this thing?”
“I have 90% of the grasp of,Unless he is lucky,Otherwise it is impossible.。”
Li Hui’s chest has a bamboo to say that this is a confidence in Cheng Chu.。
“I am like Li Brothers.,It is also very optimistic about this matter.,And this matter is as long as the judgment is,The opponent will die,So the big brother, you are also critical at this time.,You only need to be swallowed,So you also belong to the leader in the whole Huashan City.。”
Cheng Chu knows the meaning of the leader in Zheng Tiancheng’s discourse,Think about it,He also biting his teeth:“Row,This is a matter of me.,Dry。”
Chapter 333
Cheng Chu promised,Three people will be implemented in accordance with the plan。
Li Hui, who was originally planned to return to the village,Also decided to solve this thing, then go back。
Not,He wants to gherlling a fair for death,The content of the diary makes him unforgettable。
And Di Road is also directly mobilization,Under the promotion of Zheng Tiancheng on Night,This thing is immediately exposed.。
Even alarmed the leadership above,Be sure to thoroughly。
What happened during this period did not expect things,That is during the decline,Tieji is directly living and born。
No one knows how to secretly grind the iron spoon used to eat into a sharp dagger.,Directly insert Chu Qiang’s eyes。
Chu Qiang can not die,But when Chu Qiang said that Tie Yingchun has already died.,Iron is directly hurting the eyes of the other side directly with a spoon.。
When Chu Qiang lost resistance,He also broke each other’s wrist ankle,Then use a bloody spoon,Hard students gave each other more than 100 times。
This thing is naturally alarmed。
However, the iron is crying,There is also a confirmation of people around,Such a fool crime will not be sentenced for a while.。
Can only make people rescue Chu Qiang。
Hu Xiaotian learned about this thing of Tieji,Don’t take it together with my iron。
And then the tube of iron is also strict.。
When Li speaks this way,The face is showing a smile,Because he feels that the iron is not wrong.,,If he will only be more cruel,More,Even under the surprise, it may be 殃 and Chu Qiang family。
After all, Chu Qiang let the iron have lost the most pro-husband.。
After this thing, Li followed the wind.,When I learned that Iron couldn’t be judged too seriously.,I will not pay attention.。
He is directly with Ding Road to start chasing Hui Hui。
Because Chu Qiang’s disabled,Hu Xiaotian’s explanation,There are some places that iron is stupid.,Directly put a shocking criminal gang。
Hu 24 is not only suspected of imprisonment,Abuse,Allegedly selling population and the most important suspected drug trafficking。
These crimes add up,Hu Si is dead, ten times。