The second largest festival is a physical education class.。

It is also on the three or four classes.。
Collection on football field,There is a middle-aged teacher wearing sportswear.,Bring them to prepare for activities,Let boys and girls run three circles and two laps, respectively,Tired most people a half dead,Start making stretching。
Set down,Spent more than 20 minutes。
Sport teacher said:“Next free event,There are sports equipment that can be borrowed over there.,for free,Can’t go back to bedroom,At five o’clock, we are still here.,Order name。”
“Wait a moment!”
Nan Ge rushed out of the crowd,Go to the front,Tell everyone:“I will tell you.,Waiting for 5:00,Our two classes are directly unified to dinner,A little far away,Take a taxi,Don’t forget everyone。”
After saying that she waved。
Break。 This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 89 Details
“Depth,what you do?”
Nan Ge hands inserted in the jacket,Staring straight straight,She is still wearing a white dress and khaki。She has been a unique momentum for this style.,Also appear to be long legs,But the style is very atmospheric,Cute and loveless。
The top of the head is bent,very polite。
Zhou I can’t help it to the top of the head,Look at the cluster, you are constantly nodding in the wind.,I feel interesting.。
“I am sitting on the lawn.。”
“Go to play!Would you like to play basketball??”
“Not fight。”
“Let’s play badminton.。”Nan Ge said,Another turn looks at the buns,“Will you play badminton??”
“know a little。”Bun。
“That takes your brother to play badminton。”
“By the way, bring another young man in your bedroom.,Don’t talk about it!How old is this old boy?,University four years girlfriend can’t find……”Nan Ge said。
“……”Zhou I think this is really wide.。
“I am leaving!”
“Nanago slowly。”
Nan Ge didn’t look back,Just raising your hand,Big step straight to the basketball hall。
Zhou Zhiji to the bun。
Buns and his opposition,Silence for a moment:“I am doing bad.,And you?”
“very good。”
“How much is it??”
“World Champion Level。”
“……”Buns are sorry,Silently turn to the edge,“I am going to the loan,You call you the roommate,I call two two of our bedroom.,More fun。”
So I left Liu Zhengming.。
Chen Yang also went to play basketball.,Chang Xiaoxiang looks on the side,It feels that it will be a little better.、Sorry to go,Only Liu Zhengming is sitting in the lawn to see the sports system。
Invitation to face,He has some tweak:“I didn’t play badminton……”
“This is not studying。”
“I do not believe。”