“Machine can not be disclosed!”

Gao Biyi did not have its own plan。many things,I am not boring in advance.?
“Listening to the Lord will find a family every night.,I saw a woman on the side to do things directly.。Today’s master is called us.,Is it taking us with a happy??”
A team around Li Da,Take the head to low channel:“The Lord is really important to we.,Who is called us to fight for all?,I don’t know which kind of lady tonight.,Think about it is really hot.。”
If there is no IQ,Actually, I am trustworthy.,Li Da is not allowed to take him to the street in the ditch!
This is it difficult to know how many officers have been killed by various reasons in recent days.?Gao Bao is called us at night.,It is very likely to put himself a pot of these people.。
“To shut up!Those rumors that are ignorant,Bohai Great Princess National Color,Is the main public to do what is going on at home??”
“This is what you have not known.,Family flower,But the wild flowers are more incense.。”
Li Da is a smile that the team is exposed by the man.:“Family flower,Have to see,Wildflowers are taking,That taste is of course novelty。
You look at the master’s high school,Soldier in hand,It is a bloody。At this time no,Is it waiting for seven old eighties??”
This can not make sense,Just this is right now??
I can’t understand my own mind.,Li Da sighed:“Waiting for me alone,You just be dumb,understand?”
The public after the beautiful house,Every one looks like a flower。
“How much does this spend this?!”
“To shut up,This house is not a money to buy.!”
Li Da saw a living spring water in the front yard of the house,In the heart。Symbolism,Gao Boyi is now hot now.!
“All of the generals,Please come in。Alang is waiting for you in the study.。”
Fu Bo will lead Li Da and others to study in the study,Say quietly。
Gao Boyi is reading before the table,The face is not very good。Li Damei’s title seems to be the fall of the family’s expensive female,It should belong to some kind of book that can only be said,I can’t help but cough.。
“Call you a few,It is some things that want to follow you.。”
Gao Biyi does not move the book in the cuff,Plainly:“Goddess army,I decided to double the double!”
Li Da is stunned。
Gao Baoyi is too large.,There will be no conditions in this.。
“But it is not averaged for every spade.。”
Gao Boi is light:“So you understand how do I call you??”
Rate,Our team,Will be more money?
Li Da Head is hot,Just think,But listening to Gao Baoyi continues:“tomorrow,There is something you have to do.。If you can satisfy me,You are the official members of the Shenmei army.。Military commander,I will seriously consider,Understand?”
NS613chapter Big pot rice is not small(Down)
What http://www.etogps.cn did Gao Biyi and Li Da, etc.,Unattended outside the curtain,Lianyang Su,Gao Biyi is all in the mouth, if there is not much bottle。
Neighbor,The rainstorm in the early summer is as scheduled.,The rain of the bean is in the rain.,Splashing water,The water flower is like a fountain。
When the water fell on the ground,It turns into a blister,Bubbles look like a top transparent hat。
But this interesting scene is all available.。
Yang Shu,A hurriedly rushed back to Gao Biyi in the Shenmei army camp,Go into the door,I saw that my primary guild has been wearing neatly.。
“Leader,Outer rain,If it is downtown,Fearless。Don’t change?”
Yang Su is coming back for this,Many 冉 冉 冉 他 他 问,Whether the performance is delayed。The long history of the march is, it is doing this.,So he rushed back to ask Gao Bo Yi’s opinion。
Even http://www.zhuangyan086.cn if 100% is determined to cancel,Yang Su did not dare to make his own decision in such a thing.,Even if I feel that Gao Baoyi is good in weekdays.。
“If this time the enemy is attacked,That is not to play again.?”