The first city brand Deqing is selected into the Xinhua News Agency National Brand Project

Deqing County Committee Standing Committee, Propaganda Minister Zhou Zhifang.Zhou Zhi, member of the Deqing County Committee, and the Propaganda Department, said that under the new development pattern, it is necessary to stand out in the new round of urban competition, Deqing must strive to build its own city brands.

Xinhua News Agency’s national brand project took the lead in practicing the "brand strong" strategy, which has become the backbone of my country’s brand building."People have virtues such as water to clear" is the main promotion language of Deqing City brand, which is determined under the support of the Xinhua News Agency, and has established a future five-year action plan.With the rich media resources and professional power, Deqing’s beautiful pure land, open tolerance to develop hot soil, rich and rich, will become the county model of urban brand construction in my country.